Move beyond traditional image review to more comprehensive image analysis with Global Agility's breakthrough solutions that increase efficiency, solve operational pain points and advance daily image processing operations.

Combining cloud-based image processing capabilities that require no extra equipment or expensive setup costs with experienced onshore, offshore or hybrid teams, Global Agility will increase productivity and boost your bottom line. Focused on automating repeatable operations for the tolling industry and backed by highly specialized professionals that average over 18 months of tolling experience, our team is equipped to provide quality services 24/7. No matter your business needs, our highly trained and experienced workforce can operate across the globe, giving you the flexibility to transform daily operations for better business outcomes.

Our impactful solutions include:

Image Quality Detection (IQD) | Image Processing Engine (IPE)

Image Quality Detection (IQD)

Comprehensive Camera Early Warning System

Enhance your MOM system with added intelligence by proactively identifying and addressing camera issues, from outages to quality issues, eliminating days/weeks/months of lost revenue.

A comprehensive early warning solution, IQD scores images using powerful AI technology and provides real-time notifications when confidence scores drop below client-defined thresholds, allowing agents to quickly analyze and escalate confirmed malfunctions and outages. Designed to increase automated-driven intelligence and reduce the need for manual reviews, IQD's 24/7 camera monitoring provides critical insight for reducing camera downtime. Leveraging hybrid cloud technology and featuring on-demand quality reports and dashboards, IQD is easy to implement, fast to scale and provides critical insights for tracking and monitoring ongoing performance.

• Minimize leakage and code-offs
• Address camera issues quickly
• Ensure optimal camera performance
• Reduce maintenance spend

Read the IQD brochure or contact us to learn more about our early warning camera detection system.

Image Processing Engine (IPE)

Complete Image Analysis Solution

Eliminate lost revenue and bill for more vehicles with an industry-leading image analysis solution that incorporates an AI powered ALPR engine, manual reviews, make/model identification and DMV validation.

Powered by hybrid cloud technology and AI learning, IPE provides access to data sources not available from a standard OCR/ALRP engine, improving automation-driven validation and taking the guess work out of billing the right people.

Created to streamline the review process and eliminate the need for excessive manual reviews, IPE leverages client-defined thresholds to determine when human validation is required, driving down unnecessary transactional costs. Featuring a configurable workflow engine with a modular approach, IPE is customizable to reflect the areas of most importance to your business. Equipped with an online client portal to track ongoing performance through sophisticated dashboards and on-demand reports, IPE ensures top metrics and accuracy levels are being achieved.
• Minimize leakage and code-offs
• Gain a 99.95%+ accuracy rate
• Reduce image processing fees
• Increase processing speeds

Read the IPE brochure or contact us to learn more about our comprehensive analysis solution.