Move Beyond Traditional Image Review to More Comprehensive Image Analysis

Driven by industry-leading AI technology and backed by a team with extensive tolling industry experience, Global Agility is automating and advancing image processing and reshaping the way organizations do business through:

• Hybrid cloud technology
• Augmented data sources
• Additional validation power
• Enhanced automation
• Powerful AI technology with machine learning
• Tenured image analysis specialists

Our on and offshore services and solutions are proven to deliver unmatched results:

Manual Image Review

Outsource image review to a virtual team of tolling professionals

Image Quality Detection

Identify and address camera quality issues (contrast, motion blur, glare interference, angle accuracy, line noise and more) proactively with an early warning solution

Image Processing Engine

Streamline and automate image processing with a comprehensive and modular analysis solution comprised of ALPR engines (identifies ROI and plate characteristics), IQD (looks at image quality), make/model recognition, DMV validation (provides additional data correlation) and more.